The Wiki App for
Development Teams

Boost Hub will centralize team's information and let you easily.

What is Boost Hub?

Boost Hub is a simple and clean wiki app specially optimized for developer teams. It will centralize both first-party and third-party information, and amplify the searchability for the team.

Since we've developed Boost Note, an open-source note app for developers, we decided to create a team version based on our knowledge and experience.

Why Boost Hub?

Wiki for developer teams

We are open to any feedback to help improve the Boost Hub experience for developers.

Real-time coauthoring

Edit your documents as a team with Boost Hub's live, real-time work in progess mode.

Folder based document management

Structure your workspace however you want with nested folders.

Customizable themes

Freely customize the UI, Editor and Code block themes to suit your taste.

Full keyboard control

All features accessible without clicking. You won't have to touch your mouse again.

Custom blocks

Coming Soon

Create and embed custom blocks in your docs, link to 3rd party services such as Github and Trello and display and interect whataver data you need.

Markdown extensions

Coming Soon

Support for LaTeX, UML, Sequence and other commonly used markdown extensions coming soon.

...And more

We'll introduce more features to maximize your productivity.If you have any idea, please suggest it to us!